Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not Ideas About the Book, But….

the book itself.  Yes, friends, The Spring Ghazals is “live” on  Yes, you can purchase your own copy for $12 US at this linkThe Spring Ghazals also should be available within the next several weeks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

If you’re one of the few that have a copy of the “first edition,” I can tell you that very little was changed.  The poems are all the same, & in the same order.  I revised the biographical blurb a bit, but this is a minor point in the “big picture.”  To my mind, the big change between the original version & this one—aside from its slightly more official standing in the worldwide book world—is the addition of the following epigram from Edith Wharton’s diaries at the beginning of the book:

“In every heart there should be one grief that is like a well in the desert.”

Perhaps at some point I’ll address that epigram on this blog.  However, even with no real background, I believe the epigram will make sense to anyone reading the poems.

I do hope that you’ll purchase The Spring Ghazals.  From a poetic standpoint, I believe these poems will not disappoint; & from a personal standpoint, the poems are dear to my heart.  If you purchase the book (or if you already have a copy), please consider reviewing &/or rating the book on the product page.  It would be wonderful if some of you also would consider reviewing The Spring Ghazals on your blogs—I assure you, I’ll certainly return the favor!

I’ll be back to “ideas about the book” & the process soon—it’s a busy time right now on the musical front, but I intend to get another post up here within the next few days.

Thanks so much for your interest, & hope you enjoy The Spring Ghazals.

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