Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast"

blue dahlias a bass clarinet strewed thru golden gate park that mango
california forenoon you didn’t drop by for java & poems & smokes the

orange tulip rufous hummingbird dreams in this April’s new moon
perigee midnight amongst phosphorescent solar lights afloat in the dark-

ling garden—the hex sign sunrise emerging from Lake Erie a milk-paint
yellow horizon swabbing brushstrokes across the harmonic convergence a

vibraphone nestled amongst yellowed birch leaves last October the
leaves afloat in the Weiser River’s troubled glass—magenta

ice plants scattered across the Ocean Beach dunes that lime green
Saturday you couldn’t make it for bicycling & java the Blue Ridge

Virginia brick walkway dotted with dogwood petals those fractal
Petrarchan sonnets scattered by footsteps speaking in off-rhymes only

Jack Hayes
© 2010

(quote from Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass)



  1. A beautiful technicolour dreamscape of a poem.

    And on a different planet entirely(mine) I have to share that ALL things are impossible before breakfast! :)

  2. Hi TFE: Thanks! Really glad you liked it, & really appreciate your support here. I can do a fair amount before breakfast, but nothing before coffee!

  3. Hi Caroline: In some sense, eh? Thanks so much!