Thursday, February 17, 2011

“the rain is as classical as ever”

what else is like rain at 5 a m on the green tin roof a
marimba clucking a pentatonic scale under wool

mallets doesn’t cut it a clarinet in the backroom chirping
descending thirds doesn’t cut it an upright bass groaning chromatic

blues lines is not it—the coffee still steeping in the presspot
the mild embarrassment of dressing in the kitchen when only the

cows are lowing dark in dark pastures—so exposed
to no one with memories of the Greek alphabet carved in stone as the rain-

drops carve stones on the cliffs above Bodega Bay where the
gulls dip thru the mist & it’s last November & I could be

anywhere the rain drips on the green roof at 5 a m—
the tide pools awash in the surf off Lincoln City the

rain descending in sheets like extended chords
sounding crisp & without any sustain—a dish of

ravioli swimming in marinara a white tablecloth—
dressing in the dark as the coffee steeps ex-

posed a classical guitar left out on the
green tin roof in the rain & I could be singing

Jack Hayes
© 2010
(quote from Anne Waldman’s Holy City)


  1. I've read this before - and I like it. I guess a presspot is US English for cafetiere (however you spell it). I read this while listening to Sun Ra's India. A random combination but it kind of went together in some ways.

  2. Hi Dominc: Yes, "presspot"="cafetiere." I do think the poems from this collection could be produced with musical backgrounds, tho I don't see that as in the offing. Sun Ra is fun, tho! Glad you liked the poem.