Saturday, March 5, 2011

“don’t think twice”

a yellow headed blackbird’s trilled caw a gaudy 
orange tritone atop a cottonwood tree—I used the

word plangent in a poem once—primary colors mingling to- 

ward orange green & purple is this all 1 big party—

what larks— a goldfinch dandelion riot across the lawn the 

honeybees mounting the yellow fringe an oval mirror

in a garden a peach blush daffodil it could be some-
body I once knew her dogwood petal flurry of adjectives in

rose-pink twilight her verbs meantime compulsed thru amber air
I want to sing something devastatingly simple not

do re mi in a C# labial frenzy—it’s just what happened—
it ain’t no use etc. a pink & blue porcelain Blessed

Virgin morning sky across the harmonic convergence a 

white sundress a yellow rose bouquet a secret passage a

yellow headed blackbird strutting in yellow sunlight pecking 

cracked corn a Nuestra Señora statue praying a faded

rainbow palette beside a well       an image I ought to 

transmit to someone I don’t recall the name

(title with apologies to Bob Dylan)

Jack Hayes
© 2010

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