Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ghazal 5/4

an opera’s snowfall in a wooden music box 
a silhouette at a harpsichord pet-

rified between chords—white gloves caressing Easter 

weekend the Canadian bare silver birches 1982 a

north wind barging thru hopper windows the peri- 

winkle blue crocuses hold out their periwinkle blue

hands in the lemon Easter morning the daffodils spreading 

butter along the garden’s edge you can practically

see this in the oval mirror in a library an oval mirror
in an orange swoon the orange tulips the lipstick crimson

tulips after an evening of laughter & unbearable 

youth the trumpeter swans in the neighbor’s pasture

a landscape whitewashed in an opera’s snowfall—
white gloves folded across bare ground in a love act

the mourning doves on a power line cooing A minor nine 

while daybreak returns to the present

Jack Hayes
© 2010

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