Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Helix #4

A yellow N scale caboose
A sagebrush hunched frail against the gray snow
A roan horse steaming in a January field

Everything you see is talking back
A derelict crossing signal a vacant brick depot
A flicker perched in a silvery poplar

A movie theater the light gray & silver
A century rose encircling a dead cottonwood
A gray-blue bowl

A pussy willow in bloom in early March
A purple crocus a red crocus
A crumpled poem in a sport coat pocket

A white sun dress a navy pea coat
A streak of henna in February sunlight
A whelk a conch a sand dollar

You can’t take your own reflection
An N scale 19th century steam engine
A bolo tie a black sport coat the sleeves rolled up

A Joshua Tree in white blossom
An evening replete with silence & more silence
A pair of black-rimmed reading glasses

A screen door the screen torn in patches
A silver daytime moon beside a gray cloud
Your face intent & absorbed

A blue note that doesn’t resolve
A redwing blackbird’s urgent February trill
Your uneasy place in forever

Jack Hayes
© 2010

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