Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Helix #6

A pitcher of buttermilk
A banjo uke with birdseye maple neck
A pair of Converse high-tops

A field of disheveled cattails in February
A streak of henna & black eyeliner
A dry lake bed in the Owens Valley

A periwinkle blue double-wide trailer
A poplar leaf on a wet sidewalk
You are perennial

Yesterday’s evening star in the rose sky
A ticket stub a cup of black coffee
A calla lily in Golden Gate park

You have lived several lives & it’s come to this
A St Martin de Porres novena candle
A trucker’s cap a ponytail

A luna moth at a West Virginia truck stop
A black heifer running loose on the paved road
A green metal gate a metal silo

A bouquet of tigerlilies
A New Directions paperback poetry book
A singular moment

A shooting star on a yellow-gray summer evening
A smoke ring in a Pennsylvania restaurant
A John Deere tractor in an unkempt November pasture

A crepe myrtle in blossom
A red plush theater seat in the blue light
You are unstuck in space & time

A peacock on the lawn a brick walkway
A gray & smoky 6:00 a.m. the lace curtains drawn
You are one fallen star amongst every other

(with apologies to Kurt Vonnegut)

Jack Hayes
© 2010

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